APM: Application Portfolio Management

Analyze and manage IT tasks needed to sustain existing operations. IT typically spends 75% of its time, budget, and resources sustaining existing operations, or "keeping the lights on," and only 25% on new strategic initiatives. True IT Governance cannot be achieved without a strong Application Portfolio Management (APM) system.
The APM functionality in the Innotas on-demand IT Governance solution includes these critical capabilities:
Control and manage requests for new initiatives.

Service Request Management

Control and manage requests for new initiatives.
If you integrate with an existing service desk or need to track application work requests, the Innotas IT Governance SaaS solution gives you the ability to seamlessly bring these work requests into the Innotas solution in addition to your project work so that you gain the full view of your portfolio and effectively govern work, resources, and time.

Gain a single point of entry for capturing and managing different types of demand including:
  • Enhancement requests
  • Bug fix requests
  • Application change requests
  • Maintenance requests
See real-time status of all types of requests based on filters defined by the end user or administrator.

Effortlessly track and manage IT applications.

Application Management

Effortlessly track and manage IT applications.
Without IT Governance, it is difficult for IT to get useful insight into the costs of application management - and whether those costs are justified. As a result, IT often pours resources into maintaining applications no longer in use throughout the organization. These efforts take time and money away from more valuable strategic projects. Innotas Application Management eliminates that problem and gives you the ability to:
  • Achieve the best use of IT budgets and resources
  • Plan for resource needs and evaluate resource requirements
  • Make sound decisions based on accurate real-time information
  • Understand the total cost of ownership of applications
  • Link applications to business objectives to support business strategies
  • Determine which applications should be outsourced or retired
  • Demonstrate IT application activities to the business to justify expenditures
Maintain full visibility into IT applications.

Application Portfolio Management

Maintain full visibility into IT applications.
As part of its IT Governance solution, Innotas provides a comprehensive inventory and status of applications and related resources. This access gives your IT department the ability to:
  • Access a single, complete source to see the application inventory
  • Model your application portfolio based on your user-defined specifics
  • Build a business case showing cost, resource, and effort estimates
  • Create simple, custom scoring algorithms that prioritize the application portfolio
  • Link applications to strategic business goals
Know who's doing what and for how long.

Resource Management

Know who's doing what and for how long.
Managing IT resources is key to the success of every IT organization and, therefore, the effectiveness of IT Governance. Innotas provides fully integrated real-time visibility into resource supply, demand and skill-level.
  • Instantly see real-time resource capacity and demand by initiative, role, or other individually defined fields
  • Fulfill resource assignments automatically
  • Access a single view of resource allocation
  • Report capabilities on utilization, capacity, and availability as well as throughput and churn of resource requests
With sophisticated resource management, the Innotas IT Governance SaaS solution lets you quickly and efficiently complete IT initiatives supporting business growth at a lower cost.

Avoid cost overruns from sustaining operations.

Financial Management

Avoid cost overruns from sustaining operations.
Making IT a true strategic force in your business requires careful control of IT costs and billable hours. Managing to a budget is impossible without the ability to track and manage costs and billable time as they happen. The Innotas IT Governance SaaS solution gives you that ability with:
  • Time and expense tracking for both billable and non-billable activities
  • Reports and export features to feed data into ERP or financial systems
  • Integration with existing financial systems, which supply required data such as labor cost rates for roles and individual resources

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