PMO: Project Management Office

“Innotas has significantly allowed us to streamline how we work and manage our requests, and keep track of requests and projects.”

- Sara Holmberg, Director of the PMO, NY State Workers’ Compensation Board

The Project Management Office (PMO) is quickly rising in organizational clout. A 2012 research report by PM Solutions shows that the number of PMOs has nearly doubled in the last decade. One of the biggest determining factors in the success of a PMO is its relative level in a process maturity model; as the PMO matures, its general effectiveness increases accordingly. PMO maturity comes not only with time, but also with the ability to overcome a host of other challenges which include but are not limited to:
  • Insight into ongoing operations
  • Departmental silos
  • Alignment with enterprise strategy and priorities
  • Effective technology and infrastructure
The award-winning Innotas PMO solution is built on a strong foundation of Project Portfolio Management (PPM) and Application Portfolio Management (APM), enabling PMO managers to make strategic and real-time project and portfolio management decisions.  Innotas can quickly give the PMO a central place to capture and approve project requests; visibility into strategic initiatives and sustaining operations; an understanding of demand and capacity; and transparency into the value the PMO provides for the business.  In particular, Innotas solutions for PMOs include the following functionality:
  • Project and Program Management - Control all projects from initiation to completion.

    The Project Management function in the Innotas PMO solution gives you 100% visibility into every aspect of every project.

  • Project Request Management - Catalog and manage demand for new projects and initiatives.

    Real-time access to all the demands placed on the PMO and the ability to analyze the value of those demands and the resources available to meet them.

  • Prioritization & Scoring - Make informed decisions about work efforts and resource distribution.

    PMO success starts with a systematic approach to aligning & prioritizing work to meet the needs of the business. To help you make smart investments, Innotas Prioritization provides a fast & lean approach to scoring all your work.

  • Resource Management - Gain full visibility into resource supply and demand.

    Innotas delivers the vital and instant visibility into your resource capacity and demand. It lets you apply resources appropriately, analyze the current utilization of resources, and revise utilization based on what is most productive for your organization.

  • Analytics & Reporting - Get real-time status of your business at a glance.

    Visibility is power. Innotas Analytics provide easy to configure dashboards so you and your customers can view key performance indicators based on industry best practices. Learn more about dashboards here.

PMO Priorities
Source: PMO Solutions
PMO Whitepaper
With the Innotas cloud solution, PMOs can gain visibility into both strategic initiatives and sustaining operations, resulting in better decision-making and prioritization across the project portfolio.

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