Stay Focused on Customer’s Success

The Innotas Cloud Platform enables organizations to stay focused on value deriving activities by removing the need to build and maintain an internal, on-premise application. Innotas Cloud Portfolio Management solutions are accessible via a standard web browser. All upgrades, maintenance, and operations are managed by the Innotas Operations and are governed by our industry-leading service level agreement (SLAs). The platform provides a very predictable cost structure with no hidden fees — resulting in a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Safe and Secure Environment

Innotas takes security of your connection and data seriously by putting in appropriate measures at the authentication, authorization, and network security layers.

Authentication: Access Innotas Cloud Portfolio Management solutions over a HTTPS connection using 256-bit SSL encryption through a standard web browser – ensuring all data-in-motion is protected.

Authorization: Utilize application privileges based on role, user ID and/or permissions. Administrators can control what types of user can gain access to which parts of the Innotas environment.

Physical and Network Security: Production services are hosted within the Amazon AWS infrastructure and data centers, which utilize state‐of‐the art electronic surveillance and multi‐factor access control systems with 24x7 by trained security guards.

A complete list of all the security measures built into the core AWS cloud infrastructure, platforms, and services can be found at

Single-Sign On for Ease Of Use

Users gain access to their Innotas environment via a unique username and password. Password information is stored within the database using a SSHA‐seeded secure hashing algorithm. Innotas can also be configured to authenticate users using a customer’s existing directory services (i.e LDAP, Active Directory). This single sign on (SSO) strategy is supported through the use of a SAML layer. Additionally, customers can control the IP ranges that have access to the application, i.e. the system can be configured to limit only logins from specific ranges of IP addresses.

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Scalable to Meet Your Demands

Innotas is designed for small, medium and large organizations. You can easily scale from 10 users up to 1000s of users as required. Gone are the days of having to buy hardware in advance for your potential future needs. Increasing available licenses to scale to your growing organization takes minutes within the Amazon EC2 infrastructure.

Configurable For A Better User Experience

Innotas provides you the ability to measure the true cost of your project and application portfolio. Tailor the system user interface (UI) to meet your organization's needs and processes without customizing code and taking up valuable technical resources. Add fields, change labels, tailor the application to meet your work flows, all at the click of the mouse. The best part is, you get all the benefits of the upgrades which won't impact your current configurations. Our Services team will support you through the Implementation and get your organization up and running quickly. Learn More: Innotas Services »

Ease of Mind with Business Continuity

Zero disruptions to your users and data. The Innotas Cloud Platform runs on Tier 1 data centers that guarantee power, physical security, with disaster recovery capabilities. Secondary data centers mirror the production environment providing replication failover of the primary data center. Even if you experience internal power loss the Innotas world class environment continues its uptime guarantee so you don't lose any sleep over data loss.

SOC 2 Type II Verified

Innotas provides you the ability to measure the true cost of your project and application portfolio. Innotas has gone through the verification and controls audit for security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy of your data. What does this mean to you? Your data is not only secure, but the processes and control that Innotas has put in place is verified by an accredited 3rd Party. You take your data seriously and so do we.

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Innotas Integration Platform

In today’s world, integrating key components of your business is a critical factor for success. The cloud-based Innotas Integration Platform simplifies integration between business systems and Innotas Cloud Management solutions – increasing visibility and decision making power. The platform is maintained, managed, and implemented by Innotas and utilizes a standards-based web services application programming interface (API) for connectivity between any cloud or on premise application.

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