AmeriHealth Mercy


The AmeriHealth Mercy Family of Companies is the nation's leader in health care solutions for the underserved. The company is among the largest organizations of Medicaid managed care plans and related businesses in the United States, touching the lives of more than 7 million individuals covered by Medicaid, Medicare, SCHIP and other insurance. Headquartered in Philadelphia, AmeriHealth Mercy is a mission-driven company with more than 25 years of experience serving low-income, chronically ill populations. AmeriHealth Mercy's core products include full-risk HMOs, management contracts, administrative services, pharmacy benefit management, care management services, and behavioral health care services.

Business Opportunity

Replace a homegrown system that would take AmeriHealth Mercy's EPMO to the next level in strategic portfolio planning and proactive project management.

  • Develop a centralized repository that could manage the projects, programs and portfolios, and all their respective financial information.
  • Create a transparent solution that was flexible enough to support AmeriHealth Mercy's internal project methodology.
  • Increase productivity by consolidating data into a single repository of accurate project information.
  • Develop requirements for an accurate resource forecasting tool in an effort to minimize manual errors.


Innotas IT Governance and Project Portfolio Management (PPM) in the Cloud

  • AmeriHealth Mercy needed a robust, no-maintenance Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) PPM solution to manage 102 active projects and support the organization's strategic growth.
  • Rigorous selection process. Spoke to both Forrester and Gartner and evaluated all of the suggested vendors.

Results & Benefits

  • One-stop snapshots of program and project financials dashboards. Now able to see project and program actuals, commits and budgets by year and quarter with a click of a button.
  • Enables better transparency because of Innotas' robust reporting and export capability. Innotas reports are published on the PMO intranet where anyone in the organization has access to view the latest project and program details.
  • Streamlines communication. Greater visibility and single source of timely project information across the organization eliminates wasted time tracking down data from multiple sources.
  • Happy project managers. Instead of spending time tracking down data, project managers are now able to easily flag open issues, decisions, risks, and action items, for print and group review, as well as for roll up visibility for executive reporting.
  • Flexible solution with outstanding support. As with most projects, new requirements surfaced after implementation. With some support from the CSM, the Innotas solution was flexible enough to have the new requirements implemented within days.

Next steps:

  • Facilitate better resource planning and accurate forecasting in a standardized fashion. Get a clear view of where projects are today as well as the ability to forecast a project's resource needs using project templates, which enables better resource planning.
  • Automate exchange information between Innotas and Microsoft Project.
  • Take advantage of Innotas robust APIs and integrate PeopleSoft data into Innotas.

"I have never worked with an organization that has provided so much support and so much flexibility to us. It's been absolutely remarkable... so far the benefits have been outstanding."

Ruth Anne Guerrero
Vice President, PMO
AmeriHealth Mercy

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