Boulder County, CO

Boulder County: Enabling Visibility & Consolidation Across Entire Portfolio Of Technology Projects

Company Overview

Founded in 1861, Boulder County is located in the US State of Colorado and is home to approximately 300,000 people. Employing approximately 2,000 people, Boulder County has 50 professionals in the Information Technology department.

In early 2013 Boulder County’s IT department established a Project Management Office to help with managing its project portfolio. The Boulder County PMO has six project managers responsible for managing an annual portfolio of 30–40 technology projects.

Challenges: Disparate Information Across Multiple Spreadsheets

Prior to using Innotas, Boulder County managed its project portfolio in a series of spreadsheets. Some spreadsheets tracked new project requests, some tracked in flight projects. Without a central repository for managing this information, the primary challenge for the PMO was to objectively prioritize new project requests relative to each other. Other key challenges included:

    • Tracking new project requests in a spreadsheet was manual and time consuming
    • Multiple locations for capturing new project requests led to a misperception of how much work was part of the portfolio. (Boulder County identified 20 technology projects that were not reviewed or tracked appropriately upon implementing Innotas.)
    • Not having a PPM system made it very difficult to understand the scope and depth of project work across the portfolio.
    • No capability to view or report project status across the portfolio once projects were
      approved and initiated.

Solution: Adoption of a cloud-based PPM solution to help improve project planning and to help manage an abundance of new project requests.

When Boulder County established its PMO in early 2013 it laid out a strategy to build the PMO, including the evaluation and selection a project portfolio management (PPM) software. The team quickly determined that they needed to increase visibility of new, in-flight and previously undocumented project work to drive more fact-based decision-making and increase awareness of resource constraints. The decision was made to select Innotas and put in motion the following PPM capabilities:

  • Prioritization: Configurable project request forms to facilitate the collection and
    prioritization of new project requests.
  • Transparency: Reporting capabilities to create transparency into the status of all the projects across the technology organization.
  • Resource Planning: Sophisticated resource management enabling better visibility into resource allocations as well as simplifying capacity and demand planning.

Results:Increased Project Prioritization and Better Decision Making

      By creating a single source for all project requests to be entered and managed, the Innotas solution has given the Boulder County team the ability to make more informed and objective project selection decisions for better alignment with business and technology goals. Additionally, by having a single repository for tracking all project work, Boulder County can more easily and quickly prepare project status reports for key stakeholders. With Innotas, the PMO team has seen several benefits:

    • Increased Budget Efficiency: Boulder County has successfully reallocated budgets from projects that are on hold to higher priority initiatives.
    • Portfolio Visibility: With enhanced visibility, the PMO has shed light into their portfolio, highlighting the number and nature of projects being carried over from year to year.
    • Better Decision Making: Projects are now more objectively evaluated based on strategic alignment, business value, and risks—leading to more fact-based decision-making.
    • Better Reporting: Through the use of out-of-the box and ad hoc reports, the PMO can better share information across the organization.

As a next step in their maturing usage of Innotas, the Boulder County PMO team plans
to integrate Innotas with their timekeeping and financial systems to increase awareness
of resource capacity and demand for improved project planning, scheduling and
staffing decisions.

“The overarching benefit that we’ve gotten from Innotas is much more transparency, not only into our project request and approval process but also in tracking and reporting ongoing project status across our portfolio.”

Lola Nelson
Project Manager at Boulder County
Boulder County, CO

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