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City of Memphis: How IT at the City of Memphis Avoided a $200,000 Upgrade

Organization: Zycron @ City of Memphis

Memphis is the largest city in Tennessee and is a major cultural center for the Southeastern United States. Its metropolitan population exceeds one million people. The dedicated civil servants who work in and for the City make it truly unique, and work hard to provide every Memphian with a clear vision of Memphis in its past, present and future. The City's Information Services Center, with a staff of 114 people, is chartered with providing services to each division of the City government. Zycron Inc., an International IT consulting firm, supports the City's IT initiatives by providing the Project Management Office (PMO) that governs and executes the City's IT projects and programs.

Business Opportunity

  • Finding an IT Governance solution that would help effectively manage resources, budgets, schedules and project artifacts, in addition to supporting executive reporting requirements.
  • Decreasing the prohibitive cost of maintaining and upgrading the City's existing on-premise IT Governance and Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution. The City wanted increased functionality that would meet its IT Project Governance requirements, but at a more reasonable price.
  • Satisfying project managers' mobile nature, and ensuring that the City's IT Governance solution would be flexible, easily adopted, and easily accessible to all of the City's IT professionals.
  • Selecting a solution that would easily adapt to the City's existing PPM methodology.


On-demand IT Governance from Innotas

  • Zycron's Project Management Office (PMO) introduced Innotas to the City of Memphis' IT organization in the fall of 2008. The 12-member Zycron team uses Innotas on a daily basis to manage more than $8 million of information technology projects for the City.
  • The Innotas reporting modules and standardized reporting templates provide a better understanding of the costs, delivery schedules, and work effort associated with all the City's IT projects managed by Zycron's Project Management Office (PMO).
  • Innotas dashboards are easy to use and provide the Zycron PMO Director with the analysis tools needed to examine the progress of IT initiatives and make better business decisions. The Innotas solution does this by providing a holistic view of all inbound requests, priorities, and metrics associated with key technology initiatives sponsored by the City's operational divisions.
  • The Innotas application supports enhanced accountability, responsiveness and communication within IT, which helps the City and the IT organization meet its commitment to its IT Governance initiative.

Results, Benefits, & Relationship

  • With Innotas, the City's strategic project to upgrade the City's Fuel Consumption system achieved a rapid time to value. The project was completed 40% faster than its original schedule. The result is greater visibility and more granularity for audit trails of City-operated vehicles. Additionally, because the project was completed more quickly than expected, City employees' productivity has increased.
  • Capital Improvement Project (CIP) requests from each of the City divisions are now tracked more effectively from the initial request through project execution and completion. The City uses Innotas as the common repository to ensure that its existing project portfolio continues to be governed appropriately.

"Managing our projects with Innotas has facilitated our ability to accurately track and communicate the status of each project through the Project Life Cycle. Because Innotas is available through the Internet, it provides ease of access to all projects and project artifacts in one system repository allowing for quick navigation to project information. And, our implementation of Innotas has been tailored to our Project Methodology to assure that we deliver our projects within scope, on schedule and within budget."

Larry Wilson
City of Memphis

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