County of Orange Health Care Agency

The County of Orange is made up of over 30 cities with approximately 3 million individuals who reside within it. The Health Care Agency (HCA) is dedicated to protecting the health and wellness of those individuals by providing a myriad of services to promote and support healthy lifestyles, including: Public Health, Behavioral Health, Medical Services, Correctional Health and Financial and Administrative Services. HCA's IT Department provides daily technology assistance to support these services.

Business Opportunity

  • Increase the visibility of resources across the enterprise with a tool that is more than a desktop solution simply promoting silo's of information, which limits the mining of relevant data.
  • Reduce costs of an on premise legacy tool which delivered inadequate information for the requirements of Senior IT management and eliminate the manual workload of constant updates to spreadsheets.
  • Acquire a PPM system that was fully functional and ready to be launched in a rapid time frame while reducing complexity.


Cloud Solutions for IT Management from Innotas

  • Innotas Resource Management module for insights into skill sets for each role, requirements, and available capacity to fulfill inbound requests across the enterprise.
  • Baseline estimations encapsulated within the project workbench tab to better enable accurate project delivery and execution.
  • Analytics and Reporting modules which produce executive management status reports both graphically and in grid formats.
  • Rationalization of server categories and application categories propelling the initial commencement of the Application Portfolio Module.

Results & Benefits

  • Detailed presentation of "use of funds" to meet the Government Accounting Standards Board (GSAB) requirements for the State of California.
  • Visibility into the interdependencies of the application portfolio which resulted in prioritizing and creating inventories of the most critical applications in the organizations portfolio.
  • Cost savings: there were no hardware costs, no expensive on premise consulting costs and no networking overhead to expense.
  • Staff meetings are more efficient with the use of information gleaned from Innotas Dashboards.
  • Employee morale and satisfaction increased because access to Innotas via any web browser enabled remote work to be accomplished anytime, anywhere, from any place.

"We now have the ability to see all activities throughout the enterprise. Our project managers are receiving immediate benefits from the accuracy across all aspects of a project. Resource planning is quick and efficient"

John Crane
Information Technology Manager, County of Orange Health Care Agency
County of Orange Health Care Agency

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