Denver Regional Transportation District

Cloud Portfolio Management Gives Denver’s Regional Transportation District a Comprehensive View into Projects and Programs

There’s a reason the Regional Transportation District (RTD) was selected as the best transit agency three times in ten years. RTD operates public transit services in Denver, Colorado, and with more than 1,000 buses and 100 million boardings-per-year, the nine team members in the Project and Portfolio Management Office are busy fielding inbound project requests. These range from ERP and network projects to larger initiatives such as replacing radio systems and computer-aided dispatch systems.

Business Opportunity: Understand, Appreciate, Communicate the PMO’s Strategic Value to RTD

It was hard for RTD to track resource work and costs because the team used spreadsheets to manage their projects and applications. Without a central repository for these and related activities, senior leadership couldn’t easily ensure the PMO’s strategy was aligned to business objectives, nor could they see into project outcomes or budget effect.

  • Projects and applications—the IT service catalog—were tracked via spreadsheets, limiting visibility into project status and outcome
  • Request overload made it challenging for project and program managers to determine resource capacity and demand
  • Absence of a scoring process resulted in poor project prioritization, haphazard project selection, inconsistent review.

And they wanted this info quickly. To deliver the insights that RTD senior management required, the PMO knew it was time to pursue IT governance.

Solution: Transparent and Holistic Project, Application, and Program Management in the Cloud

The PMO had been using other tools to manage some things, making it difficult for end users to adapt. The PMO began its search for a more efficient management tool—one that would give them a 360-degree view across projects and programs. They also sought to lower total cost of ownership. RTD evaluated Innotas and two other vendors, and selected cloud-native Innotas because it was the best fit: cost-effective, quick to deploy, versatile, and had an excellent Gartner reputation. Innotas also offered:

  • Strong APM functionality to manage sustaining operations, understand application TCO, and focus top resources toward strategic projects
  • Powerful resource management and task entry provides true capacity and demand planning, and simplifies resource allocation
  • Customer-centric focus on user adoption; a prescriptive, phased implementation model so customers can show incremental value quickly, and training workshops taught by skilled Engagement Managers

Results: Visibility into Applications, Resources, and Budgets for Improved Strategic Alignment

Innotas’ Cloud Portfolio Management solution has helped RTD gain the visibility needed to make better decisions, ultimately saving the organization time and money.

  • Saved 100 hours/month: dramatic decreases in report preparation time reduced 100 hours of work to a single hour, saving RTD approximately $50,000 annually
  • Resources aligned to high value projects: the new scoring model and what-if planning ease resource management.
  • Improved collaboration: senior leadership, general managers, and project managers have exposure to PMO activities, how the budget is being affected, and the overall contribution to the organization
  • 360-Visibility: A central repository of all projects, applications, resources and assets provides transparency and ensures strategic alignment between all interested parties.

User approval was strong so the PMO doubled its number of licenses within the first year, with plans to add more. The PMO team is currently focused on increasing Innotas exposure throughout the organization, after which they plan to integrate Innotas with their agile development tools.

“Innotas gives us a comprehensive view of all the projects and all the activities; it’s a single view with drill-down capabilities so we can find the specifics necessary to understand what’s going on and why. Being able to go from a high level review directly into the details, is a wonderful tool that Innotas, in particular, offers.”

George Hovey
Manager of the PMO
Denver Regional Transportation District

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