Maxim Healthcare Services

Maxim Healthcare Achieves Strategic Alignment with the Perfect Time Tracking, Request, and Resource Management Solution

Founded in 1988 and headquartered in Columbia , Maryland, Maxim has rapidly expanded to include more than 380 offices nationwide and has extensive experience providing home health, medical staffing, and wellness services to communities nationwide. With over 25 years of experience, this organization is dedicated to providing patients with quality care, while remaining focused on compliance. The team of six at Maxim’s Project Management Office (PMO) keeps busy with business critical responsibilities that include minimizing risks associated with project delivery and implementation; providing accountability and traceability for all work products and processes; improving the quality of IS deliverables; providing consistent application of industry best practices; and ensuring that IS project goals and deliverables are in alignment with business goals and objectives.

Business Challenge: Needed a project management system that would enable the IS department to track & manage project requests, resource time, and budgets while providing visibility across the project portfolio

With an Information Services (IS) department consisting of 104 employees and without a legacy project management system, it was almost impossible to determine whether IS project goals and deliverables were in alignment with the business. Additionally, the executive team did not have visibility into work being done, projects in the pipeline, and completed projects. Other challenges faced by the IS department included:

  • Lack of Time Tracking: No consistent and easy method for tracking time and costs against support, enhancement, project, or application based work.
  • Request Management: Lacked a single, comprehensive system for tracking requests, making it difficult for the team to rank and prioritize projects.
  • Inefficient resource management: Little transparency into resource capacity & current resource allocations, resulting in poor visibility into future demand planning.

Solution: A cloud-based PPM solution with strong functionality for tracking time and costs associated with support, enhancement and project work, while providing executive-level visibility to all stakeholders

The Maxim team knew it was essential to find a tool to support its project and resource management needs, so they began their search for the perfect solution. After narrowing their selection down to a handful of cloud-based solutions that were top-ranked by Gartner, Maxim ultimately chose Innotas for its strong market recognition, fast time to value, and for its well matched functionality which met Maxim’s specific needs.

  • Sophisticated request management capabilities with the ability to score and prioritize projects so that resources are working on the right projects at the right time
  • Strong Time Tracking functionality which enables the tracking of all aspects of each project for greater accountability, increased productivity, and reduced operational costs
  • Robust resource management with scenario planning for demand and capacity, including task entry for more effective resource allocation

Results: Improved Strategic Alignment through Standardized Project Management Processes with Time and Cost Tracking across Projects and Resources

  • The IS Department can now confidently show the business what they are working on via dashboards and reports, with visibility into the associated costs and time for task completion, resulting in a stronger strategic relationship.
  • The team is now able to work on the highest priority projects as a result of their standardized scoring system, freeing up staff to work on more strategic projects
  • Greater transparency, robust reporting, and increased productivity means the IS team is meeting budget requirements and achieving significant cost savings

Now that Maxim Healthcare’s Information Services Organization has achieved a standardized and centralized system to track, measure, and manage project requests, resource time associated with tasks, and the overall management of projects, they plan on delving into the Application Portfolio Management (APM) functionality of the solution. The plan is to track and manage time spent on maintaining existing applications and ultimately gauge where investments should be made.

“We definitely have gotten better transparency, better reporting and increased productivity, while meeting budget requirements, and we are definitely seeing some costs savings since using Innotas.”

Dave Centineo
PMO Analyst
Maxim Healthcare Services

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