Putting Structure and Definition Around the PMO with Cloud Portfolio Management

Recognized as healthcare’s workforce innovator, this organization provides healthcare workforce
solutions and staffing services that help its clients, clinicians and physicians deliver excellent, cost
effective patient care. With over 1800 employees, the organization keeps busy placing nearly 18,000
professionals per year and serves clients that include acute-care hospitals, government facilities,
community health centers and clinics, physician practice groups and many other healthcare settings.

Business Need: The Project Management Office (PMO) needed to consolidate disparate systems into a central location to enable a strategic framework for daily operations and growth

While the organization was in rapid growth, there were also an abundance of changes occurring in the
healthcare space. With all of this change the IT organization had to increase its efficiency while still
making a strong impact on the organization. Yet, with a highly fractured and fragmented work effort
and no additional investment in resources, a process-focused software solution initially seemed out
of reach. Management took an in-depth look at what needed to be done to tackle its challenges and
determined that they were missing a top-down strategic framework for their project portfolio. Some
of the challenges that the company faced included:

  • Lack of visibility into work being done; projects being tracked in disparate systems;
    work efforts were redundant
  • Absence of reporting and dashboards for a top-down view across the portfolio
  • Inadequate time tracking capabilities for a true measure into which projects were
    consuming valuable resource time
  • Inability to proactively optimize resource allocations

Solution:A Cloud Portfolio Management Solution that would serve as the central system of record across the Project Portfolio

After evaluating a handful of PPM vendors, Innotas was selected for its consistent ranking as a PPM
“Leader” with Gartner; its rapid deployment model, and its cost-effectiveness. Additionally, the
Innotas solution had all of the essential functionality that the organization needed in order to achieve
their goals, including:

  • Powerful Portfolio Planning for smarter prioritization of new and ongoing IT initiatives,
    allowing the organization to focus on projects that support strategic business goals
  • Robust Resource Management for better visibility into resource allocation as well as
    capacity and demand planning
  • Extensive Reporting and Dashboards capabilities for improved productivity and
    greater transparency for all stakeholders
  • Easy-to-use time tracking functionality for better reporting of schedule, scope,
    and cost information to key stakeholders

Results: Optimized the Portfolio Building Process for Better Strategic Decision-Making and Smarter Investments

As a result of implementing Innotas, this organization can now make better decisions on how to allocate resources and prioritize projects. For example, with the time tracking, the PMO is able to take a data-driven model to strategically plan out the annual project portfolio and management can determine where dollars should be invested.

  • 360 degree visibility: The PMO now has a holistic view across the portfolio—visibility into projects in progress and in queue with their associated risks—all at their fingertips
  • Optimized work effort: With a robust resource management solution, and powerful time tracking functionality, management is able to understand the costs associated with different projects and whether resources are spending most of their time on sustaining or strategic projects,allowing them to proactively shift priorities as needed.
  • Better business decisions: The framework that Innotas has enabled the PMO to build has allowed management to better understand where strategic investments should be made for increased ROI—ultimately adding more value to the organization

With a solid grasp on its portfolio management process and increasing maturity in their approach, the PMO plans to look at integrating Innotas with some existing critical systems. The next step is to extend visibility into Agile projects through Innotas’ Integration Platform.This will allow this healthcare organization to take advantage of the Agile Portfolio Management capabilities within the Innotas solution.

"We have visibility. We know what people working on; in the past we were just guessing. We have a fact-based realm around what’s going on
in the portfolio, which projects are where, what the risk profile lookslike. In the past, all of this was a lot of hallway conversation frankly."

Program Manager, PMO
Putting Structure and Definition Around the PMO with Cloud Portfolio Management

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