Innotas Customer Testimonials and Customer Videos

“Since using Innotas, we’ve improved the focus for our development teams, ensuring resources are focused on the right things at the right time, and we’re actually delivering features that add value to the business and to the product, either at the end of the 3-week sprint or at the end of the quarter.”

Litded Davis
PMO Director

“Right after we went live with Innotas, I did a presentation for the entire company. When they saw the reporting that was available to the entire organization I literally had a standing ovation. They were excited to see the visibility into projects and data.”

Darcy Douglas
Sr. Director of Client Services

"I definitely feel like we can make faster decisions based on visibility into the project status after the Innotas implementation."

Monisha Longacre
VP of Portfolio Management & Strategy
The Weather Company

"In terms of projects, the thing that Innotas really helped us with is having an understanding of how we executed and are executing towards our annual plan—what project we planned to do, what has been completed, what is suspended, what has been prioritized, and so forth."

Sara Holmberg
Director of the PMO
The NY State Workers’ Compensation Board

"We were never able to consolidate all the information into one place to provide the kind of reporting that we needed. And in the end, I would say, that if I had it all to do over again, I would have adopted Innotas sooner and started the implementation cycle sooner. That could have saved our locality a lot of effort."

Barry Condrey
Chief Information Officer
Chesterfield County

"It is really a tremendous advantage. Managers are forced to think ahead, plan and create structure in their IT initiatives. And users actually like the structure. They don't have to make up categories and titles for the work they are doing, and they know that their contribution is being tracked accurately."

Gerry Skipwith
Vice President, Services

"We definitely have gotten better transparency, better reporting and increased productivity, while meeting budget requirements, and we are definitely seeing some cost savings since using Innotas."

Dave Centineo
PMO Analyst
Maxim Healthcare Services

“The key thing that Innotas has provided us with is better reporting and better transparency across the company. This improved transparency has opened a new communication channel between executive management and our departmental staff. This has helped us to ensure that our projects stay aligned with our executive goals and direction.”

James Drescher
Director of Corporate Project Management
Cardinal Innovations Healthcare

“Innotas allows us to track our progress over time across the portfolio. We have streamlined project status reporting and IT project budget requests, and achieved greater transparency on project status, risks, and budget processing.”

Gary Tripp
Project Review Manager
King County Department of IT

“If you want to prioritize your corporate strategic investment, you need to prioritize the projects in order to maximize your return. Innotas is helping us do that.”

Randy Alsup
Director of PMO

“The overarching benefit that we’ve gotten from Innotas is much more transparency, not only into our project request and approval process but also in tracking and reporting ongoing project status across our portfolio.”

Lola Nelson
Project Manager
Boulder County

“Innotas gives us a comprehensive view of all the projects and all the activities; it’s a single view with drill-down capabilities so we can find the specifics necessary to understand what’s going on and why. Being able to go from a high level review directly into the details, is a wonderful tool that Innotas, in particular, offers.”

George Hovey
Manager of the PMO
Regional Transportation District-Denver

“Through all, our engagement manager was with us to help with design, ensure that everyone understood capabilities, and liaise with Innotas professional services as necessary.”

Christine Trumbour
PMO Manager
American Society Of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP)

Innotas let us centralize all project information, align our practices and combine the information to manage at the portfolio level. It helps us get the right picture of our organization to ultimately make better decisions.”

Gabriel Cloutier
IT Project Manager
Université Laval

"With all projects in one place, managers now know who's working on what in which project, enabling senior management more visibility."

Jim Cook
IT Project Manager
Ferris State University