You may think you are doing just fine with spreadsheets or basic project management software, and the thought of implementing a project portfolio management (PPM) solution seems like a daunting initiative. You’re wrong. The reality is that PPM will improve your everyday life.

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Many project managers might think they are doing just fine with spreadsheets or basic project management software and fear that a project portfolio management (PPM) solution will create more work for them. The truth is PPM has merits not just for executive management but for project managers also. While it may seem like a daunting initiative to get PPM implemented, in the long run it will pay off and actually improve everyday life. Below are ten reasons why project managers need PPM and some examples of how it can accelerate your career.

1. Prevent overworked resources

We have all experienced a failed project. In fact, most project managers have had a project fail in the past 12 months, which is not surprising considering the industry average for project success hovers around 50%. While project failure can be defined in many ways – late, overbudget, or not meeting requirements – the reason for many failures is typically related to resources. At all levels, people are simply being asked to do more, and they are taking on more work than they can handle because they want to be viewed as collaborative team members. These behaviors are causing resources to be over-allocated and overworked. The effects of overworked resources ripple through the organization.

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