Building Bridges that Matter: Linking Strategy and Execution

One of promises and values of portfolio management is linking strategy with execution – focusing attention and resources on the projects that really matter. Like organizational strategy, we can’t update our portfolio plans once a year and hope for the best. Priorities shift, capacities change, commitments adapt, and expectations evolve.

In this presentation, Mark Mullaly explores what it takes to establish and sustain effective portfolio alignment. Watch this on-demand event to learn:

  • The strategies and practices that leading organizations adopt to continuously prioritize
  • What is necessary to establish alignment, deliver value and manage resources
  • How to build a bridge from your current reality to the potential that portfolio management promises

If you are working hard to sustain your portfolio management efforts or figuring out where to begin, this event will help you bridge the gap between strategy and execution.

What the attendees are saying:

“In a word, EXCELLENT…great information shared, much to think about and research. Terrific job.”

“It was a great seminar. Quite a few important points discussed. Thanks.”

“It was excellent! I thought Mark was a great SME!”