Connect Formal and Collaborative Projects to Bring Goals to Life

Your portfolio of projects is not just a bunch of tasks and goals but a roadmap for business success. Adding collaboration to your projects results in 82% less time wasted, 74% fewer project delays, and 69% better control of costs.

Projects are not just for IT anymore, they are all over the organization, and the better teams are able to identify and execute the work that matters, the more successful they will become. If you are not collaborating on the projects that matter to your organization, take a look how you can achieve:

  • Improved alignment – both among teams and across departments so everyone is working toward a common goal
  • Reduced disparity – centralizing data enables easier information storage and less getting caught in email threads or between conversations
  • Better control – project leaders are better able to identify red flags and make decisions based on accurate, up to date information

Learn more about how Innotas PPM is better with added collaboration functionality in the datasheet.

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