Organizations are trying to stretch their limited resources to satisfy the always increasing demand from project portfolios. A robust resource management solution can help IT allocate project demand based on priority, optimize current allocations, and offer significant cost savings by avoiding improper allocations. Innotas provides cloud-based resource management tools that will match demand with supply yet optimize ongoing resource allocations.

Our Resource Management tools help IT plan the allocation of resources across the entire project portfolio much more effectively in terms of time, cost, and effort. Innotas Resource Management solutions enable:

  • Capacity planning based on real-time capacity reports
  • Demand planning supported by detailed reports
  • Optimization of resources through “what-if” scenario planning

Our resource management solutions are easy to set up and use. Innotas provides a smart way to manage new demand while balancing existing demand. Download the popular whitepaper – The Smart Approach to IT Resource Management, for more information.

Download the Whitepaper

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