Demystifying Agile Portfolio Management
Changing your perception of agile

With so much hype around agile projects and methodology, demystifying agile can be challenging. Agile Portfolio Management has started to take center stage in many project management offices but needs to be clear from the start.

Many organizations take agile development out of context or simply do not know where to begin when applying agile methodologies to their portfolio.

Watch this on-demand webinar, “Demystifying Agile Portfolio Management” to learn:

  • The true meaning of agile portfolio management
  • How to positively change your organization’s perception of agile
  • Best practices for delivering value faster

View this event, and develop the right mentality for agile in the context of your project portfolio.

Event Details:

Duration: 1 hour

Presented By:

Nils Davis

Nils Davis
Product Manager, Innotas

Nils Davis is currently Director of Product Management at Innotas, responsible for mapping and executing changes on resource management features. Nils has over 20 years of experience in project and product management at companies such as Egress, Naehas, Accept, and NetIQ where he held various leadership roles. Nils is an avid blogger on strategy execution, planning, and innovation.


What Attendees Are Saying:

“The presenter was very clear and left a positive perception of the implementation of agile techniques in managing portfolios and projects in general. Thanks for the opportunity to share this view.”

“Thanks for the valuable session. This was very helpful in understanding how Agile Portfolio Management is done and could be a key differentiator in delivering value to Customer.”

“Very informative in a short amount of time. Thanks!”