Most Project Management Offices (PMOs) are formed based on a driving need of the company. Whether you are operating as a formal PMO or trying to materialize one, most organizations have the need to centralize project delivery and work toward a common goal. But not all PMOs are created equal. Establish your business drivers and ensure your PMO is setup for success from the start.

Join us on May 23rd at 10am PST as we hear from Kristi Kuetemeier, Delivery Manager and senior consultant at Lewis Fowler as we hear a step by step guide to getting the PMO off the ground and started on the right path. During the event, we covered:

  • Basic principles and steps to consider when starting or reevaluating your PMO
  • Critical success factors from a seasoned PMO leader
  • How to leverage tools to gain success quicker
  • Recommended courses of action to ensure successful PMO implementation

Download now and get your PMO started off in the right direction.

Event Details:

Featured Presenter:

Kristi Kuetemeier
Delivery Manager, Lewis Fowler

Kristi Kuetemeier joined Lewis Fowler as a Delivery Manager in August of 2016. Kristi earned a BS in Computer Science Engineering at the University of Oklahoma. She started out as a programmer, but quickly learned she was better suited for project management and/or managing project managers, and has been doing that ever since. Her experience ranges from being a consultant for a renewable energy lab, PMO Director for a medical device company, PMO Director for a financial services company, Director of Delivery for a web consulting firm and a Software Development Manager for a semiconductor manufacturing company. In her free time, Kristi enjoys hanging out with her family, camping, baking, and relaxing.

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