Improve Agility in Your Resource Management Strategy
Resource Management Agility for Your PMO

Resource management agility is rapidly becoming a differentiator for strategic project execution. Organizations that can respond to changes by adapting resource distribution while minimizing the impact on individual initiatives allows organizations to maintain portfolio alignment and deliver on strategic goals.

Watch this on-demand event with Andy Jordan, President of Roffensian Consulting, as he explains how you can join the elite of portfolio management organizations with resource agility. Among other topics you will get expert insight on:

  • Why agility matters in effective portfolio management
  • The skills you need to build an agile resource pool
  • Knowing when you need agility – recognizing the need to change

Using real world examples, Andy will provide a roadmap to take your organization’s portfolio performance to the next level through agile resource management strategies.

About the Presenter:

Andy Jordan

Andy Jordan is President of Roffensian Consulting, which focuses on strategic and business transformation for Project Management Offices (PMOs), and assists organizations with portfolio prioritization and management. Andy also teaches project management and has professional opinions that has led him to be named the fifth most inspirational person in project management in 2015. Andy is also the author of Risk Management for Project Driven Organizations: A Strategic Guide to Portfolio, Program and PMO Success, a book designed to guide decision making for senior executives for strategic impact of PMOs for portfolios, programs, and projects, regardless of industry. Andy’s extensive career includes managing business critical, high profile projects for many organizations giving him a wealth of knowledge and experience. Andy held leadership roles of PMOs and built a reputation for creating, rescuing and improving this key business function.

Specialties include: Project Management Offices, Portfolio Management, Program Management, Project Management, Team Building and Leadership, Business Transformation, Management Consulting, Strategic Planning, Organisational Change Management, Business Process Management

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Twitter: @RoffensianPM

LinkedIn: Andy Jordan