Among other IT functions, the PMO has been known more as a cost center than a value producing entity. But the same projects that get managed within the PMO are those that drive the business and fuel growth.

Download the latest whitepaper, “Linking the IT PMO to the Business” to learn the reason behind misperceptions within your organization and begin to change the view of the PMO with a prescriptive approach. This whitepaper covers:

  • What stakeholders want to see and when
  • Best practices for becoming a value center
  • Insights to help optimize your PMO
  • How to elevate conversation from execution to strategic impact

Linking the PMO to the business and keeping the value perception alive is an on-going effort. As the PMO team becomes more tightly aligned with the goals of the company and its leadership, the business will look to the PMO more and more to help support innovation.


What are the important questions in your organization? If yours is like most companies today, the questions are about two central – and not coincidentally, interrelated – issues:
• Growth: Growing the business in a volatile global economy
• Customers: Retaining and attracting customers with innovative products and experience

Now ask yourself: how often are the business leaders in your organization coming to you to help find solutions to these issues? If your company is like most, probably not that often. Executive leadership sees growth and customer satisfaction coming from the transformation of the business. Innovation, digitalization, commercialization: these aren’t buzzwords, they are survival strategies. The IT PMO is ideally positioned to help make these strategies real, but is rarely perceived in this light. Linking the IT PMO to the business means changing perspectives and focusing on value delivery in a new way. This paper provides a real-life, prescriptive approach to turning that perception around.

Read on to learn more.

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