Many product development organizations are in the habit of saying “yes” to every good product idea without any consideration given to whether or not resources are available to take on this new work.  The real problem lies in the fact that most product groups lack visibility into both the project pipeline for developing new and sustaining existing products, as well as the resource capacity to deliver those products to market on time.  Without a view into both projects and resources, executives don’t have the context necessary to make informed product portfolio decisions to hit launch and revenue targets.

Join Geoffrey Daniel, Head of Research and Development at Coloplast, to learn how they are leveraging Innotas to solve these NPD challenges to effectively:

  • Prioritize the most valuable R&D projects to drive revenue and improve patient quality of life
  • Eliminate the hassle of manually managing resource capacity in spreadsheets
  • Reduce the impact of projects being understaffed, resulting in product launch delays
  • Provide NPD status reports and dashboards to monitor project and portfolio performance

Watch on-demand and learn more about using PPM to mature your new product development process.


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Presenters: Geoffrey Daniel, Head of Research and Development, Coloplast & Carrie Nauyalis, Innovation and NPD Solution Evangelist, Planview

Duration: 1 hour

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