Most organizations would agree that their Project Management Office (PMO) is critical for planning and executing projects and key initiatives. This year’s annual project and portfolio management landscape survey results provide insight into the challenges and shortcomings of today’s PMOs and proves once again that effective resource management is the key to project success.

Download our annual report, The Project and Portfolio Management Landscape to:

  • See how the project and portfolio management landscape is evolving
  • Understand common challenges of PMOs and how to overcome them
  • Gain actionable insights into how PMOs can better align to the needs of the business


The results of the 2017 survey indicate that the project and portfolio management landscape is continuing to trend in the direction of previous years. Organizations continue to struggle to meet rising project demands with limited resources. While we see that the project management office (PMO) is continually tasked to deliver projects on time and on budget, it cannot maintain the momentum of the organization moving in a transformative direction without first taking a step back and analyzing the goals of projects and the stakeholders they are intended to satisfy.

This year’s survey results brought about some insightful statistics:

  • 73% of organizations report that they don’t have enough resources to meet incoming demand
  • 55% of organizations report their projects and resources are not well aligned with business goals
  • Less than 30% of PMO primary goal is to create business value
  • 59% of organizations have a transformation initiative in place
  • Almost 50% have seen a project fail in the past 12 months
  • 46% of organizations report they do not collaborate well on projects

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