Score and Prioritize Your Project Portfolio with Ease

Does your organization struggle with having too many projects and not knowing what to work on first? Does every request seem to be “high” priority? If so, you’re not alone. Prioritizing projects continues to be one of the largest challenges and most neglected processes in many PMO organizations. But project portfolio scoring is the best way to prioritize your projects against strategic initiatives. Project scoring is a structured, repeatable process for evaluating projects with the goal of prioritizing your investments and focusing your resources on the work that will make the largest business impact. Scoring should take place periodically and organizations must maintain a continuous process to ensure priorities accurately reflect current business needs.

Watch the on-demand webinar Score & Prioritize Your Project Portfolio with Ease to discover why implementing a project portfolio scoring and prioritization process is not only easy, but can bring significant benefits, while moving your organization towards strategic alignment with the business. This recording will cover:

  • The pros and cons of common project portfolio scoring and prioritization approaches
  • How to get all of your project requests in one place
  • The power of visualization tools to simplify prioritization
  • Key takeaways and best practices

Start your scoring your project portfolio.

“IT investments need more than ROI to justify them. Firms need broader measures,  support processes and governance tools.” – Gartner


Project Portfolio Scoring

Webcast Details:

Tushar Patel, SVP Marketing, Innotas
Kristyn Medeiros, Sr. Solutions Consultant, Innotas
Duration: 1 hour
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What attendees are saying:

“This was a very good session for me especially since my company takes on all projects and do not prioritize. Thanks for this session.”

“Excellent presentation by very knowledgeable presenters.”

“Very informative. This is definitely something I need in my organization.”

“Very educating and the idea of having to prioritize based on value will enable organizations meet there objectives and also refine their visions, missions and approaches in achieving it.”