Stop Rolling The Dice: Improve Project and Resource Forecasting

A forecast is your commitment to the organization. Forecasting accuracy is directly related to the PMO’s reputation with internal stakeholders.  Whether you are forecasting resource capacity, estimated budgets, or delivery schedules of high-value projects and initiatives, accurate forecasting builds credibility and trust with the business. Most organizations struggle with project and resource forecasting, however when done correctly, it has the power the to transform the perception of the PMO to one that is centered on creating business value.

Watch the complimentary webinar, Stop Rolling the Dice: Improve Project and Resource Forecasting, to learn:

  • Why forecasting is critical for a PMO’s success
  • Best practices for improving forecasting
  • Real-life ways to improve forecasting accuracy


Event Details:

Duration: 1 hour

Presenters: Tushar Patel, SVP Marketing, Innotas
Kristyn Medeiros, Solutions Consultant Manager, Innotas


What Attendees are Saying:

Very good overview of the events and needs leading up to good forecasting.

The topic was interesting and fruitful from PM point of view .. It was pleasure to be part of this event ..Thank you!

Thanks for the insight on PMO forecasting. As lead of a business PMO, we utilize a form of the tools you showed – nice to see that what we do is aligned with what you shared. Thanks again!