Webinar: Ten Signs You Need To Reinvent Your PMO

The biggest challenge for most Project Management Offices (PMO) is connecting their work to the business and demonstrating value.  This is not surprising, as only 38% of PMOs measure projects to ensure value is delivered. Unlike Sales, Marketing, or Accounting departments, the PMO is a newer entity in business with less traditional support and metrics.  PMOs need to continuously fight to justify their existence.


Watch Ten Signs You Need To Reinvent Your PMO with Pete Fisher, a past IT PMO Director for a Fortune 500 company and PMO practitioner for Lewis Fowler.  In this webinar, Mr. Fisher will share:

  • How to identify red flags – before they occur
  • How to ensure your PMO stays relevant
  • Unique insights to keep your PMO from getting de-railed

Don’t miss out on a chance to hear first-hand experiences from the trenches and learn some tips to ensure your PMO is does not get dissolved.

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