Forrester Webinar: 5 Steps to Effective Resource Planning


In today’s customer driven business environment, demands often exceed the capacity to deliver, and solving this is not always easy. Smart resource management focuses on selecting the right work at the right time to ensure your most important asset, your people, work at their optimum productivity.

This presentation by Margo Visitacion, principal analyst at Forrester Research will examine five key practices that can improve how work is selected, assigned and delivered, as well as explain the increasingly important presence that PPM plays in making resource management a differentiator in your business. In this session you will take away:

  • The importance of transparency into demand to understand how unplanned work can derail key initiatives
  • Using skills based planning to improve capacity planning
  • Focusing on first things first to prioritize what work has to take precedence
  • The importance of team structure and consistent approaches to reduce lag in planned work
  • Automation opportunities and pitfalls to avoid

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