Webinar: Navigating Alignment
Drive forward and stay between the lines

You’ve invested your time planning – identified initiatives, prioritized them and debated their relative merits. After all of your hard work, you finally have a clear plan of the year ahead, fully aligned and within the capacity of the organization. Congratulations!

The challenge is that it won’t take long after plan finalization—a month, a week, maybe even a day—before a new priority comes along, threatening to upset your carefully aligned plan. Now what?
In this presentation, Mark Mullaly explores the strategies necessary to successfully maintain alignment. In this webinar, learn to keep your destination in sight by:

  • Staying aligned through process, tool and political issues
  • Identifying challenges and avoiding pitfalls
  • Navigating course corrections while maintaining clarity and focus

If you face challenges keeping your portfolio between the lines, this is a journey that you’ll want to ride shotgun on.