A Project Portfolio Management (PPM) tool helps manage resources, budgets and requests across projects, effectively. In today’s competitive environment, a PPM tool is expected to do more than just managing a bunch of projects and applications. The Innotas PPM tool makes life much easier for your IT Management and PMOs by helping prioritize and manage strategic initiatives.

Innotas provides benefits such as:

  • Complete visibility across your projects
  • Effective resource distribution through proactive resourcing solutions
  • Complete scoring to prioritize ongoing and incoming projects
  • Offering transparency in execution of projects across portfolios
  • Excellent program management facilities

You get a quick deployment and a high degree of agility and scalability to your operations. Apart from that, you can streamline your ongoing projects and focus more on new projects that offer scope for business development. Request a free trial and see how Innotas can empower your organization.

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