Application Portfolio Management

Maintain full visibility into your organization’s applications

Innotas provides a comprehensive inventory and status of applications and related resources in a single, complete solution.

Prioritize: Create simple, custom scoring algorithms that prioritize the application portfolio

Alignment: Align applications to strategic business goals

Plan: Model your application portfolio based on your user-defined specifics and build business cases using cost, resource, and effort estimates

Application Management

Effortlessly track and manage your organization’s applications

IT organizations often pour resources into maintaining applications that are no longer in use. These efforts take time and money away from higher value projects and work. Eliminate the problem with intuitive application management from Innotas that provides impact analysis to visualize what will be affected by other applications for proactive planning.

Maximize Resources: Achieve the best use of current budgets and resources, evaluate requirements, and plan for future needs

True Cost Analysis: Uncover the true cost of sustaining & investing in your applications

Rationalization: Align applications to business objectives and goals—determine which ones should be outsourced, retired, or maintained using real-time information for informed decision making.

Resource Management

Know who’s working on what and for how long

Innotas Application Portfolio Management (APM) has the industry’s most robust resource management enabling you a fully integrated real-time visibility into resource capacity, demand and skill-level. With sophisticated tools for managing resources, Innotas lets you quickly and efficiently complete IT initiatives – supporting business growth at a lower cost.

Real-Time Data: Instant access to resource capacity and demand by initiative, role, or other defined fields

Time Tracking: Promote accountability & improve organizational performance by knowing who is working on what. Enable teams to work more efficiently by giving them visibility into where they spend their time.

Reporting: Gain visibility into resource utilization, capacity, throughput, and availability

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Service Request Management

Service Request Management

Control and manage requests for new application initiatives

The Innotas cloud Application Portfolio Management (APM) software gives you the ability to seamlessly bring existing service desk and application work requests together with your project work—enabling a full view of your portfolio. Effectively govern work, resources, and time in a single solution.

Capture: Gain a single point of entry and real-time status for enhancement, bug fix, application change, and maintenance requests

Organize: Categorize requests by application type and have visibility into requests for applications that you want to tolerate, invest, migrate, or eliminate

Integrate: Seamlessly bring requests from existing systems into the Innotas environment through the Innotas Integration Platform.

Financial Management

Avoid cost overruns from sustaining operations

Making IT a true strategic force in your business requires careful control of IT costs. . Managing to a budget is impossible without the ability to track and manage costs and billable time in real-time.

Financial Tracking: Monitor time, budgets, and expenses for both billable and non-billable activities

Financial Reporting: Report on estimates versus actuals for application portfolios

System Integration: Integrate with existing financial systems, which supply required data such as labor costs for specific roles and individual resources