Exceptional Portfolio Execution

Identify, plan & align the optimal projects & applications

Eliminate the need for time-consuming and error-prone manual calculations, matrices or spreadsheets for portfolio planning and execution. Utilize Innotas’ patent-pending predictive engine for predicting the highest value projects within all portfolios across the enterprise centered on organizational resource constraints. While other solutions use numeric metrics to stack rank projects or provide “above the line” analysis, Predictive Portfolio Analysis accurately predicts the best projects that can actually get done with the resources that you have – creating the optimal portfolio.

Maximize Your Resources

Achieve peak utilization of current resources

Initiate the right work and allocate resources appropriately. Predictive Portfolio Analysis selects the most appropriate resources to complete your highest value projects – creating more business alignment. The sophisticated algorithm ensures superior utilization of your resources by staffing team members based on availability, resulting in reduced organizational disruptions. Get a real-time view of your future resource bottlenecks by role – enabling you to invest with accurate predictability.

Improve Stakeholder Relationships

Develop and communicate accurate forecasts

Set proper expectations and increase credibility with key stakeholders for personal and organizational success. Predictive Portfolio Analysis creates optimal plans based on the resources available to you. This means aligning projects and applications with the business goals, but coupling this with realistic and accurate forecasts for completing the work. When the plan changes, Innotas rapidly helps you adjust for changes and accurately reforecasts the impact. The intuitive interface provides data and charts to effectively communicate to stakeholders.

Increase Business Agility

Adapt to changes – quickly & efficiently

Plans must evolve in this dynamic world. Supporting business disruptions, market shifts, strategy changes, or customer demands is easy and efficient. Predictive Portfolio Analysis enables you to re-plan your portfolio and reforecast your resources within minutes. No more firedrills. No more painful manual analysis. Automatically generate different scenarios and make the necessary adjustments – increasing business agility.

Save Time & Money

Go from months to minutes

You simply do not have the time to manually go through the analysis, variables, and stakeholders to develop the optimal plan with the highest chance of success. When your business or market environment changes, plans become in accurate, obsolete and outdated – you must re-plan your project and application portfolio and reforecast your resources. Save time and money by reducing your planning and re-planning time from months to minutes.

Fully Automated

No Manual Analysis – Fully Automated

Simple, easy and powerful predictive engine reduces work

Simply select the portfolio you want to optimize, select a few parameters and let the predictive engine predict the most accurate plan with the highest likelihood of success. The engine will automatically choose the highest value projects and applications for you to focus on and select the best resources to get them done – all within your organization’s financial and resource constraints. Predictive Portfolio Analysis is the Easy Button™ for your organization.