Portfolio Management

Innotas' top down approach to project portfolio management enables visibility and better alignment with business needs

Portfolio Management

Top-down visibility to focus on projects that support strategic business goals

Stop wasting money and resources on the wrong efforts. Identify projects that do not warrant investment by understanding projects at every level, from objectives to cost. Satisfy the needs of multiple business stakeholders by focusing on what matters.

Top Down: Strategic insight and visibility into project and program groupings that make sense for managing your business

Configurable: Organize projects in any number of portfolios for all key stakeholders – create as many portfolios as required to drive business alignment

Flexible: Relationship between project portfolios and project sub-portfolios is many-to-many, just like your business

Project Analytics, Dashboards & Reports

Real-time analytics to measure, manage, track and trace all project & resources

Visibility is power. Innotas Project Portfolio Management (PPM) provides easy to configure dashboards so you and your stakeholders can view key performance indicators – empowering you to make better decisions. Personalize dashboards & reports by department, role or even individual, providing relevant information in real-time. Easily drill down from reports and dashboards to get the details that you need.

Enhanced Visualization: Supports multi-level, configurable drilldown, and customizable dashboards

Powerful: Reporting analytics with out-of-the-box metrics, flexible filters, and custom report fields for quicker access to data at your finger tips

Increase Communication: Publish and share dashboards to stakeholders and management to increase visibility into your portfolio of work

Streamlined: Intuitive and easy-to-use setup and management increases your ability to design meaningful reports for your organization

Real-time analytics

Innotas facilitates communication with key stakeholders through configurable dashboards and reports for your project portfolio.

Resource Management

Powerful modeling and impact analysis of your resource capacity using what-if scenario planning.

Resource Management

Gain full visibility into resource capacity and demand

Proactively allocate resources effectively and improve execution – across your entire project portfolio. Real-time visibility lets you apply resources appropriately, analyze the current utilization of resources, and revise utilization based on what is most productive for your organization. If you don’t know what people are working on, you can’t be sure it is the right things. Innotas Project Portfolio Management (PPM) has the industry’s most robust resource management tools enabling you to focus on the initiatives that provide the most business value.

Demand Planning: Quantify your true resource requirements for planned projects

Capacity Planning: Realistic understanding of what you can accomplish with the resources you have
What-If Scenario Planning: Forward-looking resource scenario planning for optimizing resources by portfolio, project, role, or individual

Time Tracking: Promote accountability & improve organizational performance by knowing who is working on what. Enable teams to work more efficiently by giving them visibility into where they spend their time.

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Project Prioritization & Alignment

Prioritize work to align with the business and create more value

Take a top-down approach to ensure working on the right things, at the right time. Create a systematic approach to strategically align projects to meet organizational business goals. Innotas Project Portfolio Management (PPM) provides a fast and lean approach to scoring and prioritizing your work – enabling you to make decisions with confidence.

Scoring: Gather scores from across the organization throughout the project lifecycle for prioritization of the highest value work and requests

Smart Decision Making: Make informed and consistent decisions utilizing data

Project Prioritization & Alignment

Strategically align work and initiatives with business goals or objectives - creating more value for the organization.

Project & Program Management

Innotas project management modules enable accurate project timelines, forecasting, and flawless execution.

Project & Program Management

Manage project schedules, tasks, and resources in a single location

Improve project execution and control across your entire project portfolio with 100% visibility into every aspect of each project.

Plan: Define and schedule project plans or interface with Microsoft Project and Atlassian JIRA

Task Management: Intuitive workbench for assigning, tracking, and managing project tasks

Visibility: Configurable reports facilitate analysis and monitoring of project & program health indicators

Project Request Management

Manage and organize demand for new projects and initiatives

You need two basic functions to be effective – real-time access to all requests and the ability to analyze the value of those requests within resources available to meet them. Innotas Project Portfolio Management (PPM) includes a project request management system that enables efficiency for approving and planning requests.

Capture: Collect project and work requests directly from the organization

Route: Robust stage gate approval process for auditing, prioritizing, and tracking requests

Alert: Notify approver with automated alerts and generate assignments directly from approved requests

Project Request Management

Objectively score and prioritize incoming project requests and take on projects that provide the best risk vs. reward for the business.

Financial Management

Accurately measure project financials, budgets, and ROI to stay on track with key performance metrics.

Financial Management

Stay on-time and on-budget—for every project in your portfolio

Time is money, and how you manage time for your staff and resources has a major impact on the financial performance of your initiatives and the enterprise as a whole. Without real-time views into the time and expenses associated with your work, you might miss opportunities to charge back for billable services or worse, run over budget.

Financial Tracking: Monitor time, budgets, and expenses for both billable and non-billable activities

Financial Reporting: Report on estimates versus actuals for projects and portfolios

System Integration: Integrate with existing financial systems, which supply required data such as labor costs for specific roles and individual resources


Seamlessly integrate with other essential applications

The cloud-based Innotas Integration Platform simplifies integration to increase visibility and decision making. The platform is maintained, managed, and implemented by Innotas and utilizes a standards-based web services application programming interface (API) for connectivity with any cloud or on premise application.

Seamless: Interface with service / help desk, HR, ERP, work management, business intelligence, financial, and other applications

Synchronize: Share data between existing systems and the Innotas Request Management, Resource Management, or Project Management Systems for complete portfolio management through a single pane of glass.

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All of your information in one place. Innotas' Integration Platform provides two-way data flow for easy management of your key initiatives.