Resource Capacity Planning

Select and staff projects based on accurate resource availability data

Realistic understanding of what you can accomplish with the resources you have to increase success and credibility. Set the right expectations and accurately communicate what the organization can and cannot complete given resource constraints. Facilitate headcount and hiring decisions with insight into existing or future resource gaps.

Resource Demand Planning

Effectively quantify and plan for future projects

Accurately forecast true resource demand to enable better planning of future resource needs. With role-based planning, understand what resources you need and when even if you don’t know which specific resource will be assigned to the upcoming work. Access real-time data to quantify resource utilization across your entire portfolio - whether they are working on current, planned, or maintenance projects.

Improve Planning with Predictive Portfolio Analysis (PPA)

Optimize resource utilization

Dramatically increase the efficiency of the planning process by leveraging the power of predictive analytics. Automatically build the highest value project and application portfolio based on your resource and budget constraints. PPA recommends your optimal portfolio by accurately predicting what you can get done with the resources that you have available. Avoid time consuming manual analysis by allowing PPA to automatically generate scenarios based on variables that are critical to your organization.

What-If Scenario Planning

Model and compare portfolio scenarios

Instant access to information for forward-looking resource scenario planning and resource optimization by portfolio, project, role, or individual. Plan at any level – across the enterprise, portfolios, departments, and teams.

Time Tracking

Track and measure actual hours and costs for projects

Promote accountability & improve organizational performance by knowing who is working on what. Enable teams to work more efficiently by giving them visibility into where they spend their time. Innotas helps increase the adoption of time tracking with a streamlined user experience and mobile solution options as part of our resource management software.

Dashboards & Reports

Gain real-time visibility into resource utilization, capacity, throughput, and availability with configurable dashboards and reports. Monitor resources by project, program, or portfolios; get insight into the status of resources by individual, role, or skillset to make better decisions and ensure you are focused on the most important work.