Application Management is just one of the many challenges faced by organizations today, but important to keep under control to save the organization time and money. As companies grow, so do the number of applications that it utilizes to get work done. But as rapidly as they get adopted can sometimes be the pace at which they become obsolete or irrelevant. An solution to handle applications becomes essential.

Innotas' cloud based Application Portfolio Management (APM) solutions are designed to be comprehensive and cost-effective. APM incorporates our Project and Portfolio Management(PPM) concept which enables the management and oversight of projects and applications within a single system for a holistic view and . Gartner has positioned Innotas for its application management in the Magic Quadrant as a leading PPM solution provider.

We help identify the tasks that are mandatory to sustain ongoing projects and help with prioritization.

Innotas ensures :

  • Complete visibility across applications
  • Scoring of all applications to prioritize
  • Customize user-defined criteria to build Application Portfolios
  • Single comprehensive view of the application inventory
  • Application alignment to business objectives

Augment your abilities to make informed choices. Grow in our cloud for greater agility and scalability. Download our APM whitepaper and start getting your application portfolio under control.

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