Organizations today are challenged with various applications and solutions available and how they fit into the IT ecosystem. Most enterprises spend at least 34 percent of their budget on developing and maintaining these applications and is only expected to increase, while most are redundant or may have little value in the overall game plan.

Business globalization has made optimizing legacy IT resources almost as important as ensuring that the initial architecture is robust. Companies want to reduce inefficiencies and bring agility into their systems. They need the ability to automatically inventory, and manage all applications, and determine the true cost of ownership. You need a right mix of IT Governance solution, Enterprise Architecture solution, and Application Portfolio Management solution.

Both Application portfolio management and enterprise architecture help reduce the cost of an organization’s IT assets. Innotas Application Portfolio Management provides comprehensive inventory and status of applications in a single complete solution. It helps align an organization’s application portfolio with its business needs and the portfolio’s infrastructure requirements

The benefits include:

  • Faster time-to-value
  • Reduce overall costs by optimizing resources
  • Reduced risk by evaluating IT expenses
  • Accommodates constantly changing demands
  • Reduced reliance on outdated or redundant applications
  • Free up more IT budget to invest in new projects
  • Easily integrate with an organization’s existing PPM process

Integrating APM and Enterprise Architecture (EA) you can work more effectively, and prioritize your application portfolio. Contact us to learn more.

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