As organization are constrained to reduce costs to sustain growth, the cost related to application portfolio continues to increase. Obsolete and redundant applications are still present in modern enterprise as more apps have been added to the mix creating a proliferation of systems that require maintenance and support from IT in order to function. Organizations have reported spending as much as 3/4 of their budget on maintaining these applications and left with less room for contributing to adding business value.

Application Portfolio Management (APM) software helps manage the costs and risks of applications. This facilitates an application rationalization and roadmap strategy, which dramatically improves an organization’s ability to plan for upgrades, migrations, and other changes. As you can identify redundant or obsolete applications, you can retire the ones that are no longer adding value.

Strategic advantages of Application Portfolio Rationalization include:

  • Increase accountability across your project portfolio
  • Clean out the application clutter, and make it easier to requests and adopt new IT projects
  • Gain visibility into your entire IT application and project portfolio
  • Create simple, custom scoring algorithms that prioritize the application portfolio
  • Rationalize app value and compare against budget in a clean dashboard

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