Did you know that IT departments spend 75% of resources, time, and budget on existing resources? To reduce operational expenses and minimize app redundancy, get an app management solution that scales to your business needs.

Innotas offers cloud-based Application Portfolio Management (APM) solutions to simplify IT management. By deploying Innotas, you can determine which applications are contributing to improving business value and eliminate those that do not meet your business’ needs.

Using the real-time application inventory information, you can:

  • Adapt and scale to meet future business needs
  • Evaluate IT expenses and deploy resources as required
  • Reallocate IT spend to focus on strategic initiatives

Innotas enables your IT staff to have a clear perspective of where each application fits into the IT process. Through easy monitoring and tracking systems, teams can identify inefficiencies in the process, and resolve them at the earliest.

Empower your applications to contribute to the company’sgoals and drive bottom line growth. Call us to schedule a demo.

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