IT spends a lot of time on maintenance operations rather than enterprise growth initiatives. A solution to free IT from administrative workload and enable them to focus on strategic initiatives is here. Innotas, a leading provider of SaaS--based Project Portfolio Management (PPM)solutions, can help you manage your project budgets and schedules more efficiently and balance demand and supply effortlessly.

Innotas is pleased to announce that we have been ranked by the Gartner Magic Quadrant as a Leader with SaaS-based PPM providers for three consecutive years. Armed with Innotas, you can:

  • Handle multiple project portfolios
  • Manage project and programs
  • Allocate and manage resource distribution
  • Efficiently manage project requests
  • Perform project and application analytics
  • Prioritize high ROI initiatives

We also provide an integration platform that seamlessly integrates with your existing enterprise systems. Find out more about why our top-down portfolio management approach has been a "Leader" in the Gartner PPM magic quadrant.

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