Increasing dependency on software applications has made it difficult for organizations to keep track of applications that provide value to the business. Managing legacy applications that are no longer valuable to business takes time and money away from higher value projects.

To eliminate this problem and optimize usage of resources, get intuitive application upgrade management solution from Innotas.

The Innotas Cloud-based Application Portfolio Management (APM) allows organizations to focus on value-deriving applications by removing the necessity to build and maintain an on-premise, internal application.

Track, manage,and upgrade applications with ease by understanding their total cost of ownership, planning resource needs and requirements, and making sound decisions based on accurate real-time information.By consolidating the number of applications to manage and accurately tracking application progress, it reduces overall application costs.

Gain control over your application portfolio by:

  • Streamlining, and managing application upgrades
  • Getting in-depth view across the entire portfolio, using dashboards and reports
  • Removing duplicate and redundant applications by retiring systems that are not adding value
  • Improving alignment between the application portfolio and defined business goals

Optimize resources across your IT organization and align them with business objectives to stay ahead of the competition.Contact us to schedule a demo.

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