Do you ever feel like your working hard, moving at a good pace and delivering quality material only to have the rug ripped out form under you when the division leader realizes his plan isn't in line with overall objectives? This happens when the portfolio execution pan is created using old data, in silos, or without all stakeholders in mind.

Portfolio planing is done by C-level executives using a top-down approach. Top-down takes clear objectives, initiatives, and strategy and filters them down to the proper execution teams. For example, think about being on a road trip, there are clear metrics you'd like to hit. You'd like to average 65 mph, you only want to stop for gas twice, and you want to have gone a certain distance before it gets dark. All of those are great metrics, and you might be able to hit all of them but even if you do all of those things, it doesn't guarantee that you even drove in the right direction. The overarching goal always needs to be kept in mind.

In order to have a successful portfolio execution plan, teams need to:

  • Understand the needs of all stakeholders
  • Keep the objectives in mind
  • Be able to plan using the right information

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