Information is great, it allows you the ability to pivot when a change in the market happens. It shows you where your business has been giving you a window into the past. But what if it could help you tell the future.

Innotas' predictive analytics can leverage your historical data to create more accurate estimates, plan round more realistic numbers, and help our business achieve a better level of success. Predictive analytics is Innotas specific - it alleviates the labor intensive task of re-planning once there has been a change in the marketplace, your current strategy, or your current abilities.

What predictive analytics can do for your project management office:

  • Understand whats possible for your business
  • Take the guess work our of planning
  • Spend less time creating a playbook
  • Focus more time and resources getting project work done

Watch Innotas' demonstration video to understand how predictive analytics can get you out of Excel 2007 spreadsheets and into Innotas 2016.

Why Innotas? Watch the Demo

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