Projects are only as good as the goals they are meant to achieve. By having an accurate forecast and execution plan, an organization's portfolio will not only have a measure of success, but a better chance at achieving that goal.

Innotas PPM offers a Predictive Portfolio Analysis solution for your projects, applications and resource management that identifies the high value projects and creates an optimal roadmap to achieve that high value. Innotas predictive analytics is a full service planning mechanism that predicts uses a unique algorithm to

With our project management solution you can benefit from:

  • Rapidly build scenarios that provide the highest value portfolio and roadmap
  • Build a portfolio plan that is realistic and build your credibility with key stakeholders simultaneously
  • Increase business agility by re-planning in minutes when priorities shift
  • Ensure accurate and credible plans that can successfully be completed within resource and budget constraints
  • Save time with automated portfolio prioritization and resource scheduling

Innotas anticipates that project managers need to plan for the future as well as the current projects. Get our PPM solution to simplify your project management process.

Be Your Own Fortune Teller with Innotas PPA solution

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