Good project planning requires you to have clearly defined objectives that help work out the finer details. Project planning and Execution involve listing your project activities like resource allocation, distribution, identifying risks and issues, finance, time duration etc and organizing each of them to ensure a smooth delivery of a project.

Innotas Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) solutions enable you to effectively prioritize your activities, plan, and execute projects to gain strategic value additions. You stand to gain complete control over your operations via our enhanced visibility and accountability. Innotas tools provide assistance to every phase of a project lifecycle like:

  • Capacity and demand forecasts
  • Program and Project Management
  • Request management
  • Resource Management
  • Data accumulation and projection to provide vital insights
  • Scoring to handle prioritization

Our solutions are delivered in the cloud for cost-effectiveness and better scalability. Check out our eBook on Project Scoring and Prioritization today.

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