Application Portfolio Management (APM) tools keep track and take control of your portfolio, while simultaneously enabling you to streamline your application inventory. The object of a successful Application Portfolio tool is to provide a complete 360-degree view of the operations and initiatives. You can now enable your CIOs to seamlessly manage all of their project portfolios and applications- with Innotas.

Innotas APM tool offers 100% visibility throughout the application lifecycle in one centralized location. Besides seamlessly managing requests with demand scoring and easy prioritization features, Innotas offers comprehensive cloud-based, easily deployable Application Portfolio Management (APM).

With the Innotas APM tool, organizations can:

  • Seamlessly manage and control requests for new projects
  • Easily track and monitor all applications effortlessly
  • Gain total visibility to identify outdated or redundant applications
  • Stay updated on all new and existing resource utilization
  • Avoid cost overruns in maintaining existing existing applications
  • Monitor your applications and projects in one system

For more information, get the whitepaper "5 Ways to Get Your Application Portfolio Under Control" and learn more about our APM services today.

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