Gone are the days when employees had to manually fill in timesheets for each project they worked on. To make things simpler, there are now Time Tracking Applications to record time and effort for you. Rather than spending time on recording productive hours, improve productivity with Innotas’ mobile time tracking application. As a leading provider of Project Portfolio Management solutions, our cloud-based software offers Resource Planning, Portfolio Analysis, Demand Management and many more tools. When you partner with Innotas, you gain not only a PM software, but a robust solution suite for project, applications and resources, all in a single system. Our configurable dashboards and reports increase transparency and accuracy, giving project and resource managers accurate, actionable data.

Innotas Project Portfolio Management solution takes a unique top down approach to project management to ensure alignment of projects with organizational goals by starting with desired results and identifying a plan to get there. By providing solutions for projects, applications, and resources using the same information pool, there is no conflict of data, and results are measurable.

Using the Innotas time tracking mobile application, capturing employee time is easier than ever. Employees can log time on the go, on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You can also configure the app to record hours, percentage of time, or whatever suits your business needs.

What Innotas Resource Management helps you with:

  • Planning capacity and demand of resources
  • Ensuring consistent productivity of employees by tracking time
  • Improving managers’ decisions with real-time data and dashboards
  • What-If scenario planning to adapt to changing needs during a cycle, without having to replan the entire portfolio
  • Identifying resource shortage, overruns or project delays

Time Tracking is a sure way to get accurate project and resource data. It not only gives managers insight into where resources are spending time, and the true cost of a project, it also helps with forecasting projects moving forward, and promotes accountability within the business. Create accurate reports and forecasts using Innotas’ tools. Manage your projects effectively and enhance efficiency through Innotas. Interested? Take a look at our demo videos to get an understanding of how Innotas eases time tracking and provides a better resource management solution.

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