Planning within a portfolio is arguably the most critical stage of the portfolio lifecycle. The planning stage is where you prioritize and assess the value of the projects you are investing in while establishing the need to execute the project and the resources necessary. Portfolio planning, specifically, ensures you plan all projects within the portfolio, not just individual projects. It is critical that this phase is ongoing and planning is constant throughout the portfolio lifecycle so you can remain focus on the highest priority projects as they come up.

Portfolio planning is not just about picking what projects to work on at what time, it is about driving the most value from your organization and maximizing the value of your resources. Innotas' Cloud Portfolio Management solution allows organizations to seamlessly manage all Applications, Resources, and Projects across the entire enterprise. CIOs can get 360° visibility across both strategic initiatives and sustaining operations for improved decision making across the entire IT portfolio.

By increasing your planning efficiency, you can expect:

  • Better decision making with real time data
  • Increased productivity of resources
  • Quicker benefit realization from projects

Innotas is a trusted project portfolio planning tool designed to scale with your business. Read about our Predictive Portfolio Analysis solution to find out how you can streamline your planning efforts.

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