Enterprise Project Collaboration

Collaborate with teams all in one place

Stay up to date with projects on any device, at any time.

Get Aligned: Plan project work across departments and create a joint goal with actionable timelines

Reduce Email Chaos: Keep all project related work together to facilitate communication and feedback

Workload Management: Understand what team members have on their plate and when someone is over or under worked

Kanban Boards

Manage tasks and teams visually with intuitive Kanban boards and cards

Highly visual Kanban planning experience directly connects planned work to project execution. Track project tasks with visual progression maps to manage deadlines and identify bottlenecks.

Cross Department: Use cards within a single project or across multiple projects

Maintain Visibility: Easily access information on status of deliverables throughout the project

Stay Agile: Support agile approach and reassess planned work as needed

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Gantt Charts

Plan and track project execution with simplified, integrated Gantt charts

Deliver projects on time. Manage teams, tasks, and deadlines. Plan and easily connect work streams to the scheduled activities and milestones within the overall project plan.

Visual planning: List goals, set priorities and establish hierarchies as needed

Interactive discussion: Add comments directly onto schedule for relevancy and context

Progression tracking: Connect plan with boards to easily view progress against timeline

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Document Management

Streamline document collaboration with robust sharing, security, and version control

Projectplace document sharing enables team members to attach relevant files directly to Kanban boards from varied sources. Documents within Projectplace are managed with enterprise-grade security in the cloud, and can be accessed via mobile or desktop device for convenience.

Access: Share and collaborate on project related documents, images and other important files in a secure, accessible platform

Organize: Store all project related information in one place to keep information together and available

Share: Distribute, manage versions, and track changes of documents within the project

Document Management - simplified.

Projectplace Dashboard

Collaborative Work Management integrated with Innotas

Work defined in Innotas synchronized with Projectplace

Enable collaboration, eliminate duplicate entry of project information and get context for collaborative work within the larger context of an organization’s project portfolio. From PMO to project manager to team member, with the joint solution of Projectplace and Innotas, organizations have purpose built capabilities supporting the breadth of portfolio planning, resource management, and team-centric execution.

Synchronize team member and work status between Innotas and Projectplace
Visibility provides portfolio managers with a single view of resources spanning traditional and collaborative work
Empower team member and work status between Innotas and Projectplace

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